Sven and the Art of Computer Maintenance

Sven and the Art of Computer Maintenance

09 Jan 2021

Installing a PinePhone from scratch

An installation guide that is particularly useful for early PinePhone owners who upgraded their mainboard, and for those who have a bricked PinePhone.
27 Mar 2020

VPN as WAN for guest network on OpenWRT

Sometimes it is required or socially expected to offer an internet connection to untrusted devices. Segmentation in a guest network keeps these away from trusted devices. Hpwever, letting untrusted devices use the Internet connection directly can have unforeseen consequences, especially for the owner of the connection. In this guide an outgoing VPN connection on the router is configured as a mandatory WAN interface for a guest network. Traffic from and to the guest network will seemingly enter and exit the Internet at the VPN server.
24 Dec 2019

Clonezilla Live, legacy BIOS and UEFI USB boot

Official documentation only notes how to make a bootable USB medium for either legacy BIOS or UEFI systems. This guide covers how to make a single USB medium that boots on both. In addition, any leftover space on the USB medium can be used to store Clonezilla images.
16 Nov 2019

Arch Linux ARM network boot on Raspberry Pi 4

Network booting a Pi 4 is different compared to its predecessors. This post also notes the differences between the older and newer Pi models.
25 May 2019

Offer an existing site as an onion service

Making an existing site available inside the onion network is not hard, but there are some tricky parts to keep in mind. Read all about it in this post.