Sven and the Art of Computer Maintenance

Sven and the Art of Computer Maintenance

22 Dec 2017

Setting up a lightweight authentication back end

How to set up an LDAP server for authenticating (web) services.
15 Nov 2017

Routing traffic through OpenVPN using a local SOCKS proxy

OpenVPN can be used with an obfuscation proxy, such as obfsproxy or obfs4, to avoid identification of VPN traffic through deep packet inspection. In this post I explain a connectivity problem that client-side OpenVPN faces when such a proxy is approached as a local SOCKS proxy by OpenVPN. A solution is provided, of course.
17 Jul 2017

Maintaining SSL/TLS is hard...

Even the greatest SSL/TLS experts sometimes make mistakes.
14 May 2017

My doctoral thesis is available online

See 'PhD thesis' in the menu bar at the top of this page.
15 Nov 2016

Installing Arch Linux ARM on an Iomega ix2-200

The Iomega ix2-200 is an old NAS based on 2008 software. In this post the aging stock software is replaced with a state-of-the-art Linux distribution that will keep the system up to date for a long time.