Sven and the Art of Computer Maintenance

Sven and the Art of Computer Maintenance

09 Mar 2019

Arch Linux ARM network boot on Raspberry Pi

A guide for network booting the B(+) models of the Raspberry Pi 1, 2 and 3.
24 Feb 2019

Arch Linux quick start guide

The official installation instructions of Arch Linux are tightly condensed to the bare essentials. This is useful for quickly getting an Arch Linux virtual machine up and running when you start with nothing.
23 Feb 2019

OpenVPN configuration stacking

A small trick for managing a large number of OpenVPN configuration files.
28 Dec 2018

Let's Encrypt certificates in Arch Linux

How to have free automatically renewed TLS certificates in a free operating system.
23 Sep 2018

A reference guide to ZFS on Arch Linux

Covers both setting up ZFS and a handy command cheat sheet.