Sven and the Art of Computer Maintenance

Sven and the Art of Computer Maintenance

07 Apr 2024

Replace a Lenovo ThinkPad X220's BIOS with an open-source UEFI-capable firmware

Have an X220 lying around? Sick of the proprietary firmware that limits you in what you can do with your own hardware? This guide is for you!
24 Nov 2023

Arch Linux ARM on a Raspberry Pi 5 Model B

The Raspberry Pi 5 has been released, but it is not yet supported by Arch Linux ARM. But that won't stop you, right?
27 Feb 2023

Chromecast casting support across IP networks

'Casting' to a Chromecast work great (well, it works OK) in a single network, but can be a bit daunting to configure across different networks. This short reference explains what is needed.
14 Dec 2021

VPN as WAN for guest network on OpenWRT - 2021 edition

Sometimes it is required or socially expected to offer an internet connection to untrusted devices. Segmentation in a guest network keeps these away from trusted devices. However, letting untrusted devices use the internet connection directly can have unforeseen consequences, especially for the owner of the connection. In this guide an outgoing VPN connection on the router is configured as a mandatory WAN interface for a guest network. Traffic from and to the guest network will seemingly enter and exit the internet at the VPN server.
20 Jun 2021

Arch Linux ARM on a Pinebook Pro

Arch Linux ARM was not available for the Pinebook Pro. Now it is.